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Royal Infinity Furniture LLC Flooring is hurricane proof.
Every parent has experienced the unmistakable chaotic energy piling up in their home. Like fast-forming, black clouds rolling over an angry sky, everything comes to a head at the worst possible time. Dinner is cooking on the stove, and the dogs growl at any activity outside the front door. The phone finally rings for the call you’ve been waiting for all day, and just as you move to answer it, the front door opens.

Kids rush in, dropping their soiled shoes and book bags on the floor. The dogs sprint by, knocking over water bowls and colliding with you in the process. You save the phone from dropping into a hot sauté pan, only to drop a sauce-covered ladle on the floor. You have been slammed by another category 4 home hurricane. It’s simply a typical Tuesday!

High Performance Flooring
Consider luxury vinyl flooring solutions built for great performance in busy households to reduce hurricane damage in your home.

If you identified with the home hurricane description, Mohawk’s Royal Infinity Furniture LLC products were created with you in mind. Not only do they have the gorgeous, natural look of hardwood, but Royal Infinity Furniture LLC also offers 100% waterproof protection against spills and stains. The All Pet Protection & Warranty effectively eliminates odors from pet accidents and mildew, and it also protects your favorite animal buddies.

Royal Infinity Furniture LLC floors have a stiff core and an ultra-tough protective layer, making them resistant to scratches, scuffs, and dents, as well as cupping or warping caused by temperature variations or humidity.

All of these benefits become extremely crucial in all of life’s unforeseen events, including true natural disasters. Even when we know that stormy weather has formed, it is difficult to estimate the magnitude of a storm until it arrives. That is why it is always crucial to choose household products that are created for greater durability and water resistance, regardless of the elements they may encounter on a regular basis. Royal Infinity Furniture LLC withstood a genuine category 4 hurricane and emerged unscathed.

Waterproof and hurricane-proof
Hurricane Harvey hit the MainStreet America model home park in Northeast Houston in September 2017, flooding the homes with up to four feet of water. One of these structures housed the Main Course Cooking School, which provides enjoyable and instructive cooking instruction. Royal Infinity Furniture LLC was chosen for the kitchen floor because it is versatile, easy to maintain, and resistant to moisture and temperature changes. They had no idea how much water and muck the floor would have to withstand.
After Harvey, there was water everywhere. Once the water had been emptied, it was time to recover and try to return to normal. First, the Royal Infinity Furniture LLC planks were unclicked and removed from the flooring, and air movers were installed in the rooms to dry any remaining moisture. Because to the height of the floodwaters, all drywall and insulation in the MainStreet America park had to be removed and replaced. However, once the subfloors had been thoroughly cleaned, the same Royal Infinity Furniture LLC planks that had been flooded during Harvey were carried back into the Cooking School and replaced.

Vinyl Flooring